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Golf's feel good factor

Mark Stuart-William

12 June 2023


There’s truly nothing better than playing golf in the summer. There’s plenty of sunlight during the day so you can choose to tee off very early in the morning, and be out on the course until late in the evening.

We can see and hear more active nature throughout the day, and comfortably wear a polo and shorts in the hot summer sun. Plus, being out on the course with our golfing buddies is the perfect break from the continual busyness of life.

However, a huge part that contributes to our enjoyment that often goes unnoticed is how quickly we get used to our comfy clothing; so much so that we stop being consciously aware of what we’re wearing, especially our shoes.

Think about it, it’s only when you wriggle a toe in your shoes do you remember and appreciate how snug your feet feel. Please read on as we consider how the latest Skechers golf shoes bring us comfort before, during, and after a round of golf.


Pre-round comfort


If there’s one thing you know you’re going to get with a Skechers shoe, it’s the feeling of absolute comfort when you slip one on. They’ve got you in a positive golfing mindset before you’ve even left the house.

Now picture the usual ritual, you’ve pulled up at the club on a Saturday morning, found your regular parking spot or thereabouts, and removed your clubs from the boot. There’s no need to change in the clubhouse as the spikeless Elite 5 Grip Flex shoes can be worn on and off the course. Rather than rushing to the tee last-minute, you’ll be focused and ready to get your game underway with any first-tee jitters firmly under control.


Perfect on-course traction


We all focus on different things when we’re playing our round, be it pace of play, planning the next shot, or dreadfully overanalyzing the scorecard. It goes without saying that we need our sense of focus the most when we’re taking a shot. How many times have you been distracted by a sudden noise or an insect crossing your vision?

The best golf shots begin with your stance being solid, and the grip on the rubber exterior of the Elite 5 Grip Flex shoes will give you the foundation you need to pull them off. A big part of what makes them feel so good is how sturdy they are; you’ll get excellent traction wherever you’re standing thanks to the spikeless outsole.

The conditions may be more forgiving on the course now that the summer months are just ahead of us, but it’s of the utmost importance that you don’t slip mid-swing. So, whether you’re hitting from the rough or the fairway, these shoes are the tool for the job.


Reassurance on and off the course


One of the reasons we love the game of golf so much is the social aspect of congratulating and sympathizing with our fellow golfers in the clubhouse after a round. You can feel your body relax once the day’s efforts are said and done.

You may feel tired from the walk, but thanks to your shoes your feet will still be feeling fresh. The waterproof material will have kept you feeling great and protected from all the on-course conditions.

There’s no need to change out of your shoes when you leave the club either, you’re perfectly equipped to do a bit of shopping or run any errands on the way home.

Skechers makes quality shoes, and the Elite 5 Grip Flex not only perform exactly how you need them to, they look sleek and stylish too. The trainer-like design makes you feel right at home should you be wearing them out to somewhere other than the course. With multiple stunning colourways available, you’ll be sure to find the one for you.

If you’re thinking about getting some new golf shoes for the summer but can’t decide which pair to settle on, please contact us as we’ll happily run you through our available range. Your game is only as good as the shoes you’re playing with!

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